8 Colour palettes inspiration for your brand



Colours in branding are like silent hostesses who visually speak to your audience.

They help you to transmit a welcoming and appealing vibe with a lovely promise of something much more interesting to come if the viewer starts to explore your brand.
So as to clearly navigate in between the different colour moods, consider 3 categories of colour palettes: warm, mixed and cold colours.
I’ll share with you below a selection of 8 colour palettes where each of them evoke a special mood and key feelings that you can use in your branding.

To help you create the perfect mood for your projects and branding, you can find all of my colour palettes on my Pinterest board HERE

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{Orange Butterfly}

has a mix of warm and cold colours. It inspires colourful summer or autumn days.
Colour palette keywords: warm, cheerful, cozy


{Purple Petals}

has mostly cold colours.
Colour palette keywords: soothing, delicate, elegant.

BS colour palette coral flower

{Tropical Orange}

is a mix of earthy and warm colours.
Colour palette keywords: grounded, caring, sweet.

BS colour palette sea

{Blue Ocean}

consists mainly of cold colours.
Colour palette keywords: fresh, freedom, intense.

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{Red Lily}

is a mix of neutral and warm colours.
Colour palette keywords: harmonious, calming, stylish.

BS colour palette earthy tone

{Earthy Connection}

is a real invitation to connect with nature.
Colour palette keywords: peaceful, graceful, comforting.


{Rose Blush}

balances warm and cold colours playing with intensity.
Colour palette keywords: soft, free-spirited, wild adventure.

BS colour palette sugar cane

{Red Sugarcane}

plays with the cold colours mainly.
Colour palette keywords: rooted, trust, growth.

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