5 key steps to improve your branded photos like Gill



All experts of today were beginners of yesterday, do you relate?

That’s what I constantly see in my on-brand photo course through the progress of each students.
We all have a beautiful and unique story to share and by respecting the fact that 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual, we want to make sure that we take the right images so as to attract the right persons.
Gill Pawley, is one of my photo course student and I enjoyed observing how she improved her on-brand flatlays as she progressed through the lessons. I’ll share with you the 5 key steps that she applied during the course to successfully achieve the result:

1. Be an implementor not only a learner

For each lessons, Gill did several attempts as soon as I was commenting with advice and tips on her submitted homework. When you enroll in a course, you can easily loose the excitement of the first days and just keep reading through the lessons without necessarily taking actions. It’s good to learn new things but implementing them as soon as possible is much better so as to feel that you’ve achieved something and see results.

2. Understand your brand values, story and message

The first essential step of each business creation is to understand who you are, what you do and to whom you are talking. It’s all about Branding, the ultimate source and go-to guide for consistent visual communication.
By understanding your values, the visual story that you want to share and the message behind each creations within your business, it’s much easier to take meaningful and captivating photos that will match your brand.

3. Be open to inspiration

Whenever you need to get clear on a creation, you’ll eventually seek for inspiration around you. Colours, shapes and words will inspire you to come up with unique creative ideas. Gill was always open to inspiration by paying attention to the work of other students within the group.


4. Observe the light

When it comes to photography, it’s all about the right way to use light so as to tell your story. The light also helps to set the mood. Gill improved her pictures a lot by observing how natural light behave in her home during the day. She then knew when and where it was best to do her photoshoot.
On days when there was not enough light, she learned how to use the different adjustment in the photo editing app.


Gill photo before editing


Gill photo after editing

5. Try, adapt, review

When you see a beautiful picture on an Instagram feed, can you imagine how many similar pictures have been taken so as to achieve this final result?! Gill has been progressing steadily, trying a first composition with her props respecting the theme, posting the image in the group for feedback, reviewing the way that the props were displayed, try another style, snap several pictures.
So as to progress it’s always about checking what’s working and what to improve.
I hope that you enjoyed these 5 steps and that you’ll be able to at least implement one of them.
Whether you are a product or service based business, note that my course doesn’t require any fancy equipment as you can complete the lessons with just your phone!
If like Gill, you wish to improve your branded photos, so as to tell the beautiful story of your business, check out my e-course HERE.
Gill Pawley offers writing workshops to children as Inkpot Writing Workshops.


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  1. Kery-Ann
    | Reply

    Such great step! I always struggle to find the right light to do my own flatlay photo shoot. I honestly thought in the past that it could only be done by a by a professional photographer with a super high tech camera. I love that you teach how to do our own photos with a simple smartphone. Great post!

  2. Jewel
    | Reply

    Great advice. I love how it’s actionable. Thank you.

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