You see, I live on an exotic island. No, I'm not here on holiday. I actually live in Mauritius, in the heart of the Indian Ocean. And yes, it's very beautiful! One of my best source of inspiration is my tropical environment. It's the sunshine. The sea. The sand. The lush green nature. As someone whose artistic talent has been stimulated since childhood, I learned to transmit that vibrant positive style into my work.

Over more than 12 years working with several businesses, namely a well-known spa brand, I've learned how to use colours and visuals to awaken positive feeling. Blending together my photography passion and branding skills, I created Brand Smoothie!
I want to share this knowledge with you and help to create a brand that inspire both you and your target audience. My approach offers clarity, structure and a refreshing touch that is meant to resonate with your personal style!
Knowing how it can be frustrating to find and bring all the right elements of a brand together, to cheer you up I created nice tools that you can use through the branding process. I also teach how to take everyday snapshots that match your brand in a fun mini course. Ideal to elevate your online presence.

Have any question and want to connect with me? I'd love to hear from you so feel free to contact me.

My mission is to help you bring juicy and sunny vibes to your brand!

So put on your sunglasses and start here
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